When Worlds Collide

We, my friend and I, were talking.  It was a while ago, so I don't even remember what we were talking about at the time.  It might have been something political or financial I am not sure.  What I do remember is that one minute we were having a nice conversation and the next, moment we were in the middle of an argument.

I imagine most of us have been in that same predicament, at one time or another.  Later we wonder, "What happened?"

It's true that some personalities just clash.


not always.

Sometimes it is more than just a difference in personalities that clash.

It's worlds, ideas, and beliefs that clash.

We see it in the political setting and the legal setting quite often.

If you don't believe me,

mention the word "abortion",

or "homosexuality" there will be an instantaneous clash of worlds.  You can almost hear metal clanging against metal in the spiritual war that takes place.

Usually, for most of us, the collisions with the world are way more subtle.

I mean, we expect to have a collision with the world in the area of abortion or some other sector where the battle lines are clear.

but in the field of work ethic or

in the area of relationships often we find ourselves clashing with others.

We wonder what happened, but, in reality, what has happened is that our Christian worldview
is at odds with the worldview of the world.  The Bible says that we cannot love God and this world.

Either we will have a Christ worldview, or we will adopt the worldview of this world but we cannot have both worldviews.

Often, I fail to see the skirmish as a spiritual one.  I blame it on other things,



but, if I'm honest, it is a battle of two worlds.

If, and when,  I remember this I can extend grace and mercy to the person because I know that they do not have "spirit eyes."

In those cases, often the best we can do is love them and ask God to give them eyes to see.

In those times, I am reminded that we cannot expect a person of this world to have the mindset of Christ.

They won't, they can't until God works in them.

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