Real love

Love is in the air.  After all, it is February the time for love.  Everyone is getting flowers or candy. We buy mushy cards all in the name of love.  

My heart always breaks around valentines day.   I see people who have been passed by, by "romantic" love, 

people who find themselves, for whatever reason, alone on a day meant for love 

and I hurt. 

I see people who move from one relationship to another hoping that they will find "true love."

ant I hurt.

I long for them to know that there is a love that satisfies...

Only God's love can satisfy our deepest longing.   Yes, Romantic love is good but it also depends on feelings and feelings can change.   

The love of God can never change.   When we love others as God loves us, it changes everything.

Our children are loved even when they just drew on the freshly painted wall,

our spouse is loved even when we have repeated the same sentence for the fifth time because they were not listening the other four times.

or forget our birthday again.

Our co-workers are loved even when they are short and snippy

because we know that God loves us, and he loves them as well.

Real love looks more like a man who live a sinless life, endured more scorn and shame than any other person alive all because he loved us.  No it's not romantic, 

it sure didn't feel good.

Real love is sitting up with a sick child at four a.m.  No parent ever enjoys it but when you love your child, you do it.

Real love is standing by your spouse when they are poorer, or sicker.  

Real love begins when we look at others and see their faults and choose to do as God did, and love them in spite of the flaws.

Let's not wait for one day a year to show love, let's show God's love to those around us every day.  It may change someone's life.  Yes, I'll still celebrate valentines day, but I will also look for those who may feel that they are not loved.

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