Answers and Snowstorms

I woke up and stumbled to the door.  I took a peek outside afraid of what I'd find.   It was supposed to snow.  I was hoping that the forecast was wrong, and there would only be a little snow.  As I looked out the door, my heart sank right to the floor.  There were tons of snow already on the ground, and more was falling.  I quickly dressed and grabbed a shovel.  The driveway needed to get dug out by six, so my hubby could get in the driveway.  I shoveled and shoveled, but the snow was falling so fast that it looked like I had not done anything.  When my hubby got home, the driveway was not done.  I motioned for him not to pull in the driveway. but he pulled in despite my efforts.  The next thing I knew, The car was sitting on top of about a foot of snow.  The wheels would spin, but the car could not move.  Now I had a real dilemma. I had about thirty minutes before I needed to be at work.  I decided to shovel in front of the car in hopes that we could move the vehicle forward off the snow.   We worked for about twenty-five minutes trying to move the automobile without success.  I was praying and asking God for a solution.  As I could see it, I could call in and tell them I would not be in, but this would also mean no pay.  I wasn't crazy about that.  I could walk, but it was dark and I have a black coat.  Walking with a black coat in the dark is a terrible idea.  The only other thing I could do was call in and tell them I would be late and walk in daylight.  As I was praying, I noticed that the car was moving a little as my hubby pressed on the gas.  Slowly the car began to move forward off the snow that held it hostage.  There was hope!  We managed to get the vehicle unstuck, and I  hopped in the car and began the drive to work.  God's timing was perfect.  Yes, I could have and would have made another choice if I had needed to do that, but God saw fit to help us get the car unstuck at just the last minute.  God never has to hurry to make a deadline.  I praise God today that He knows the answer before we ask and he showed me just to be patient and wait without panicking about how I was getting to work.  He is still God in the snowstorm.

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