Sunday Plans

It's Saturday night.  We're in the middle of the weekend.  Many of you were doing things last night or today with friends or family.  They were intentional plans.  You planned to go out to dinner, see a movie, work out or just hang out with someone important to you.    But I wonder, How many of us are going to be intentional tomorrow morning?

We all know that church is important.

We want to be in church

But we can't make ourselves get out of bed.

We resolve on Monday that next Sunday we will be in church.

But by next Sunday, we will be lying in that comfy bed with no thought of Church at all.

So what happened to all our great ideas about being in church?  Well, to be honest, they fell by the wayside like many other grand thoughts because we made no other plan to see that we carried out our idea.

We were not intentional.  We do not approach going to church the way we approach a date with a spouse, a friend, or anyone else, for that matter.  So when Sunday morning comes we are still in our pj's at 10:00 our will power and resolve gone like the wind.

So let me ask you?

Will you be in church tomorrow?

Don't make church and gathering with the family of God an afterthought.

Be intentional, make plans.

Don't let Satan distract you and keep you from the fellowship of the saints.

I know where I'll be tomorrow.  I have plans, and I am not going to let Satan hinder them.

See ya' at Church!

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