A New Year

It's 2016.  The New Year is a few days old.  For many, including me, the new year is a time of reflection and  evaluation.  We look at the year and revisit the resolutions that we made last year in order to see how we did, all in the hope of doing better this year than we were last year.   Then, we make more resolutions this year. For most of us, they went something like this:

  • I want to get healthy.
  • I want to do better with my finances.
  • I want to lose 20, 30, or 50 pounds this year.  
or perhaps
  • I want to be a better person
There is nothing wrong with these goals,  Sometimes they can be good.  However, I have a feeling that often these goals are selfish.  We end up focusing on what we can do; what we can get.

This year, I want to suggest a different approach.  I want to suggest we focus on resolutions that will make us a better Christians; that will bring us closer to God.   Perhaps our resolutions will look like this:

  • I want to know God.
  • I want to become more like God.
  • I want to find out what pleases God.
or maybe
  • I want to love like God loves.
These goals are harder to measure, and they are impossible to achieve without God's help.  The good news is that God wants to help us with these goals because these are goals he wants FOR us.  

The fact is, we can set other goals, and perhaps we will achieve them, but, in the long run, they can not  bring any long term satisfaction.  They will be temporary goals, based on this world.  Why not determine to know God this year.  Then you will be working toward a goal with eternal significance.
Even though we are already a few days into the new year, I have a surprise, you can start now.  There is no need to wait till next year.  Just start seeking God today, there is no need to wait.

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