Thank You

Wow!  God is good!  I just checked and realized that there have been over 10,000 people who stopped to read my blogs.   I’m humbled.   When I started writing these, I had no idea how it would go or even IF anyone would want to read what I wrote.  I sometimes feel that I’m not saying anything that others have not already said, and probably in better words.  But God is good all the time and has blessed the things I write.  When I first started, I struggled to get 100 words written, the blogs were very short.  Now, I have to remind myself to shut up.  Thank you, to the ones that have and do read what I write.  You have blessed me beyond measure.  I certainly do not deserve any of the kindness bestowed upon me by you the readers or by God.   I pray that I have over the past two years God has used me to encourage you and build up your faith.  Thank you, God, for opening doors that no one can shut.   I love the work God is doing.  I often find myself being stretched by my writing.   What started out as a challenge to journal my devotions and struggles, God has used in ways I never dreamed possible.  God has never let me give up.

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