God Is With Us

It's Christmas!  Everyone is eagerly anticipating the gifts they will open.   There is so much activity. Even though no one HAS to be up, everyone is up early.  Today, I received many gifts that I will treasure and many that I wanted.  It was a wonderful, relaxing Christmas. The weather was unseasonably warm, so we even started a new tradition of taking a Christmas walk.  For me, this Christmas was magical.   However, I can not imagine the magic of that first Christmas; The day when Mary gave birth to God.  Because, in that moment, God, the God of the universe, set aside all the splendor of heaven and took on flesh and blood.  He set aside the perfection of Heaven to live in an imperfect world.  He lived in their neighborhood, went to their Jewish school, worked where they worked.  God was is with us.  For because of that one day.   God will always be with us because he lives in the hearts of those who choose to follow him.  Two thousand years later, God still lives in our neighborhood.  He still goes to our schools.  He works where we work.  He loves who we love. When we hurt, he hurts because he felt, what we fee; that my friend is the miracle of Christmas.  It's HIS birthday we celebrate.

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