Thank You God for Learning Experiences

Today was a day of learning and stretching.   I attended a craft fair, not as a customer but as a crafter.   I should also add that I have never attended craft fairs as a customer.  I have been knitting scarves for a few years.  On a whim, I entered a craft fair at out church.   I was sure I would fail.  I would come home having spent six hours at a craft fair with nothing more than I had when I started.  I would be a failure.  I got there only to find that others had set up last night.   I got there ten minutes before it started.   Not a great start to a day.   As I looked around, I saw other tables with brightly covered tables, and there is mine with nothing more than the scarves adorning on the table.  I had no idea, before today, how much money I should take with me to make change for the customers.  I have to confess, I felt very discouraged.  But God reminded me that I can make it a learning experience.  So what did I learn?  I learned that I make scarves that are as good, if not better than some other people’s scarves.  That’s not bragging, that’s the truth.  I know because I casually walked around and eyed the competition, and others came up complementing the workmanship.  I also learned that I need to make the table appealing and arrive earlier to put the time into making a better presentation.   I thank God that he gives us learning experiences.  Yes, I could have spent the day defeated because I did not measure up to other crafters, or I could figure out what I can do better for next time.  I tend to analyze (I’ll let you decide which I did).  It was not a failure if I learned and I still sold some scarves, not all of them but some of them.  God specializes in taking over when I trust him.  He provided buyers for the scarves.  Thank you God for many times over the years when I have had learning experiences.       


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