Home At Last

 For My Sweet Mother

Your body was tired
You had faced many struggles.
But lately, just waking up was hard.
Yet, you felt the need to go on,
Even though all those you once considered friends
Had already given up the fight.

So when Jesus reached down
And gently beckoned you
to come and dine with him,
You gladly put your hand in his
And went with  him to the house
He had been preparing for you.

Leaving us with a bittersweet ache and joy.
We were sad and missed you
But we understood your need to leave.
So we said, “Go with God”
And carried you in our hearts.

There were so many people
They were waiting for you
Cheering for you,
Excited to find you there.
You spent some time visiting
With all those who had gone on before.

You settled in to your new eternal home.
Happy to be where your heart has longed to be.
Everything was better than you had heard
Or even imagined.
It was the most perfect place you had ever seen.
Instantly, your body and spirit were renewed.

You were walking, running, laughing,
Talking all at the same time
You were made whole,
More complete than you had ever been.
You knew you were home and never again
Would your heart be broken.
There was no sadness, or pain or hurt or longing
All of that was erased
Like a bad memory of a day gone by.

You looked into the smiling face of the one
You had lived for and knew perfect peace.
Yes we miss you but one day, it will be our turn.

And we will make the journey
And you will be among those waiting
To bid us welcome to our eternal home,
And we will be home forever
Never again to be separated

By death’s sting.

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