The Sixth Seal

The earth reels and spins
Like a man drunk on wine.
Like it did in Noah’s day.
It breaks apart.
The mountains and islands move.
The sun turns red
Like a ball of fire
And then to black;
The stars fall.
The whole sky is changed
Rolled back like a scroll.
People run in terror
Knowing the impending doom
Of which they scoffed
Has come suddenly upon them
In a moment,
like the twinkling of the eye.
They hide in caves
Praying to escape
Forgetting that no one escapes 
the Judgement of God.
But I, I have no need to fear.
I knew the time was near
I covered myself
With the only thing that can save;
The blood of Christ.
Christ now pleads my cause
I do not fear what they fear.
I laugh
Excited for the time is near

When I meet the one my soul loves.

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