The Moral Compass

Lately, it seems that everywhere I turn there is some new atrocity.   Today, I read about a man who beat up his brother over a Big Mac.   Crazy right?  I’ve had to ask myself the same question that you’re probably asking. 

What is wrong with people, and society?

I have to confess that I’m not a sociologist. Therefore, I do not have all the answers.  I do believe that part, if not all, of the problem, stems from a lack of a moral compass.  Or perhaps that the moral compass is broken. 

As a society and as a people we have a broken moral compass when:
When the Supreme Court tries to redefine sin so that homosexuality is ok
When we care more about the death of an animal than we care about an aborted baby.
When we can physically hurt someone because they ate a Big Mac.
When we can sue someone over not enough napkins while some people are going hungry.
When we can applaud someone for having a sex change but cannot applaud someone praying at a high school graduation.

As a society, we, as Christians are afraid to BE the moral compass.  We have bought the lie that we are not allowed to say something is wrong because we might offend someone.  
Many people that we see day in and day out operate by the world's compass.  Friends, the world’s moral compass is broken.  It has been since the fall of Adam. We forget that the job of a compass is only to point out direction, they don’t do much besides that.  However, if you’re lost knowing the direction you’re headed is vital.  A broken compass cannot help you.  As Christians, our job is to be a compass to point a lost world to the right answer, Jesus. We cannot be afraid to call sin, what it is, SIN.  Someone needs to call sin by its name.  If followers of God will not, who will?  No, we cannot force someone to make good choices and act morally any more than a compass can make someone go in the right direction.  We point the right direction, and the rest is up to God and the lost individual.   

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