Without My Help

Last week I faced a situation in which I had no idea what to do.  .  I asked my friends to pray for wisdom.  Looking back, I had no idea HOW God would answer that prayer.  However, God does say that if we lack wisdom, we should ask God for wisdom and don’t doubt.   So I did just that.  In fact, I got some other’s to pray also because there is power in believers praying together.   
God’s wisdom and the principals he showed me were timeless.
    First, I had to take trust in God to a whole new level.   I was going on vacation, so the problem would have to wait until I got home.  For me, this is hard.  I like resolutions, to problems.  This time, God asked me to walk away and leave it with him.  For the first few days is was difficult to relax and not be anxious. I did, however, with prayer manage to find calm in the storm.   I knew I just had to trust that God loved me enough to do what was best for me.  So I trusted God.  
    Second is knowing your enemy.   This saying has always been a favorite.   God showed me again this week that not everyone who says to me, “Friend, friend” really is one.   I was not asking for that, but he showed me that in any case.  I like to trust people, and I need God to show me when I should not trust someone.  God has never been wrong.  Again I had to trust that what God was showing was true whether I liked it or not.   The friend is the one who has your back.
     Forgiveness is hard.  While was on vacation, God was talking about forgiveness.    I thought I had dealt with the problem.  I now faced with more forgiveness and more hurt.  God had been preparing me last week while I was on vacation for the problem of forgiveness.
I have more questions than answers.   There was a resolution to the problem.  Not even close to the way I would have handled it.  God’s way was better than mine.  In the process, more problems were created.  As I was thinking on this, God reminded me of Joseph’s response to poor treatment.  He forgave.  Yes, there was a time of testing their heart but he said, “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.”  That’s amazing!  
I am blessed to have a God that knows what needs to happen even when I don’t.   God gave wisdom that I needed and life lessons that I will not forget.  The biggest one is that I can trust God and walk away and enjoy life without having to see how that one thing is working out.   As I write this I pray that I do not sound like I'm whining or complaining because I'm not.  I'm excited to see how God Worked it all out without my help.  It truly was amazing.

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