The Whole Body

Can an ear survive by itself?
Would it still hear
the cry of the unborn?
Will the cry of the needy reach it?

How can the ear hear without a head?
If it could, would we know
What it heard?

And what of the hands that serve so well?
Will they work cut off from the body?
Will they prepare a dinner?
Or give to those in need?

Will hands feel, reach,
And touch without the rest of the body?

Imagine your foot laying on the floor?
Can it go to visit the sick of its own accord?
Or go the hurting world?
Or maybe walk with the elderly?

No, the body only works
When it is connected with the rest of the body.
The arm, the leg, the hands, or ears
Are nothing by themselves.
They are dead and useless
Like a rotting tree.

 So in Christ we all need each other
To connect with each other
For surely, the arm is useless
without the ears and mouth.
And likewise, the ears by themselves

Can do nothing but hear.

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