Friday, June 26, 2015

Rest For Your Soul

Tonight was such a beautiful sunny night that I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the warm summer sun before another wave of rain hits.  As I cranked up my music and headed out.  I could not help but praise God for the area in which I live.   I, quite literally, live 5 minutes from a small town.   If I want to walk, I can walk down deserted country roads without driving at all.  Yes, I am incredibly blessed.  I saw baby bunnies eating grass by the edge of the road and talked with the most friendly Jersey cows.  They always walk over to the edge of the fence as I walk by nodding their heads in greeting.   There was a deer, in a hurry to catch up with his “deer” friends I suppose.  There were daisies and buttercups, apple trees by the edge of the road and a creek that floods at least once during the spring.  I also occasionally see a very friendly donkey and a few horses who always come to the edge of the fence hoping I have sugar for them.  Not everyone would appreciate these blessings I’m sure.  For me, it is a time when I can slow down and imagine a time when the cares of this world will be wiped away.  A time when I can be one with God.  I can forget, for a few minutes the mess that this world is in and think of a time when there will be a new world;  a world that is uncorrupted by sin.  Many times I find the weight of the world too much to bear.  I feel like Lot tormented by the sin of the world.  However, when I commune with God, I find rest for my troubled soul.  Wherever you live, find time to come into the presence of God and find rest for your soul.