Ask The Right Questions

I love workplace conversations.  This conversation took place earlier this week between my co-worker and me.
Co-worker: I’m going to get supplies.
Me:  Okay
She leaves and returns a little later.
Co-worker:  We are out of chicken tenders
Me:  I know
Co-worker:  Then why did you let me go to the freezer?
Me:  You didn’t ask if there were tenders.  If you want the right answer, you have to ask the right question.
We both laughed.  As I continued working, I started thinking about how often I have done the same thing.  I have failed to ask the right questions, so I don’t get the right answer.
Tonight, I was reminded of this again.  I have a food processor.  I use it to chop food.  It is also supposed to slice and grate food.  I tried, halfheartedly, to figure out how to get it to complete these tasks, but I could not.  So I gave up without too much of a fight.  I guess perhaps it was not worth the effort to try to figure it out.  Tonight, however, as I was fixing supper, I happened to look over at the food processor bowl.  It was sitting upside down near the sink, ready for me to wash them.  As I looked at it, from this perspective, I noticed that the bottom comes off.  Suddenly, it was crystal clear.  Eureka!  That’s how to make the slicer work!  Take the chopping attachment completely out so it can’t chop.  It was that simple, but I never asked the right question, so I never got the right answer. In fact, I never really questioned it at all.  OUCH! I am a former homeschooling mom.  I loved helping my children understand “giving wisdom.” But I couldn’t assist them if I didn’t know what they weren’t understanding.  Even now that they are grown, I love giving advice when they ask.  Friends, how much more does God want to impart wisdom to us, his children when we ask.   When we are facing trials and struggles when our back is against the wall, he wants to give us the wisdom we need.  How often do we fail to ask God for wisdom or understanding?  Instead, we opt for trying to make sense of it ourselves rather than rely on the one whose wisdom never runs out.  God never has to say, “Yea, I got nothing.”   Next time you have a perplexing problem, I suggest you go the source of all wisdom.  No, I don’t mean Google.  Go to God, he’s way better than Google.  You’ll never leave empty handed.

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