As Sure As A Morning Sunrise

I hope I’ll go to heaven.

This statement was not uttered by a non-Christian but by a dear Christian friend of mine.   The problem is that it’s not the first time I’ve heard those words uttered.  Today, I want to encourage you, my Christian friends.

 I want you to know that you can trust God.  If you have put your trust in God, there is nothing more you need to do.

There is nothing more you can do.   God has already done the hard part; He paid the debt that you could not pay.   When you trust him and give HIM control of your life,  He reserves a place for you in heaven.

BOOM!  That’s it.

Some will say that we have to do things like keep the commandments to get to heaven.  The fact is; we can’t keep the commands of God without the help of Christ.  The only thing the commands can do is point out your and my failure.  Am I saying then that we should not keep God’s laws?

Absolutely not!

I Keep God’s commandments because I love him.
AND I can only do it with his help.  I depend on His aid.  But Be sure of this, dear ones, keeping the laws can’t save me.  If they could, then the cross, and the death of Christ is in vain.

We are saved because Christ offers grace.

Grace to an undeserving sinful people.

Grace not works so that no one can say they earned a spot in heaven like you would earn a spot in a symphony or a spot on a sports team.

A Christians, we can know that we are going to heaven.  We can know because God has promised, and We serve a God, who always keeps his promises.

We don’t have to guess

or hope.

We can be as certain of heaven as we are that The sun will rise in the morning and that the sun will set each night.

God wants us to be sure of his gift of eternal life in heaven with him because

He loves and desires us.

He wants us to be assured of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.


So we can put aside our fear and anxiety and rest assured in the arms of God that we will one day reside in a place set aside for those who hope in God.

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