The Right Direction

A few years ago, my daughter went for a walk.  She got turned around on the backroads and got completely lost.  She spent the whole day lost, wandering around.   Of course, I was worried and had no transportation so I spent the day praying and crying hoping we could find her.  I should tell you she is not a young child, and she was not young when she got lost.  Finally, at about 9:00 pm we received a call that the police had found her.  I chronicled the story, and you can buy it from  As we talked later, she said something profound.  The only person I met while I was wandering around those backroads only told me I was lost.  She said, “Mom I already knew I was lost.  I didn’t need him to tell me that.  What I needed was for him to point me in the right direction.  Or better yet see that I got home.”.  It made me think about how we respond as Christians to those of the “world”.  See, that man told her she was lost but what he didn’t do was point her in the right direction.  Friends, those without God do not need us to tell them they are lost. Nine times out of ten, they already know that.  What they may not know is how to get to God.   It made me question HOW I act.  Often I, as a Christian do not even try to let someone know they are lost, let alone offering the solution to the problem.  Then other questions plague me.  What if I’m the only Christian they meet, not everyone has a plethora of Christian friends?  What if no one shows them the right direction?   I want to be sure that those around me feel comfortable enough to ask questions that will let them get back on track.  I also want to be ready to point them in the right direction when they ask.  I may only get one chance.  I would hate to waste it.

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