A Mother's Prayer

As the curtain closes on another mother's day, I am forced to think about the legacy that I have given to my children.  I often question what I have taught them.  Not whether I have taught them well, somehow we all manage to teach our children well.  But…  what we teach them is a different story.  I wonder when I have made the final exit from life's stage, what will they carry with them.

Did I teach them to stand alone rather than fit in with a corrupted world?  Do they know that you can not love the things of this world and God?  We either love this world or God.  Choose God

Did I teach them to love unconditionally?  Love should never be dependant on who you are or what you’ve done.

Did I teach them to defend the weak, the defenseless,  the poor and homeless?  If I could hear from heaven would they be pleading the causes of those in need or will they have a calloused heart?

Did I teach them to forgive, even when it’s not in them to forgive?   Will they remember that we all need forgiveness?  Will they freely forgive or will they let unforgiveness turn into hatred and bitterness?  I pray that grace and mercy will be evident in their life.   With grace and mercy come forgiveness

Did I teach them to have their head in the clouds and their feet on the ground?  Will they see endless possibilities or limitations?  I pray that I showed them to have dreams so big that they must depend on God's help.

Did I teach them to be positive and see the good in things and situations?   Do they know that even bad situations can have a rainbow if we let them?

Did I teach them never to stop learning and growing?   I hope they understand that they are never too old to learn something new.

Did I show them how to embrace change without compromising their morals?

Did I teach them to have fun and make memories?  Will they remember me as someone who knew how to have fun?  What are the memories of me that they will take with them?

Most Importantly, Will they love God?  Did I teach them to love God above anyone or anything?   If I could look down from heaven would I see them following God.  Will they have a holy fire in their heart?

I pray that they know that I will always love them.  I imagine that I have failed in many ways because I am an awful example to follow and a terrible teacher.    I hope they know that whatever else they do in life, nothing else will matter when they stand before God except that they believed God.

I love you kiddos, follow God

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