In The Morning Sow Your Seed

In the morning sow your seed,
And in the evening do not withhold your hand;
For you do not know which will prosper,
Either this or that,
Or whether both alike will be good.

I am a “project” oriented person.  I am not content to do just one thing.  I love writing, making things, photography, cooking….  Sometimes I feel like I have so many things I like to do that I can’t settle on just ONE thing.  I get bored  easily so, I like to stay busy.  I have often seen this as a bad thing.  I would love to tell you that I am the only one in my family afflicted with this problem, but, sadly, I’m not.  My father worked forty hours a week, sometimes more, and then he would come home and work on a farm.  By the way, a farmer’s work is never done.  He was always working on something.  Sometimes we helped him with “farm” chores, but not always.  He liked to have things he was doing.  What a godly example of The apostle Paul’s exhortation to “work with your hands!”  I believe God wants us to be active… working.  I imagine, staying busy was easier in past times before the “technical revolution”.  In many cases, if you didn't work, you didn't eat.  In today's society, it is very easy to be lazy.  We have things that have made our life easier, but that also means we don’t need to stay busy.  One of my favorite Bible verses is: “In the morning sow your seed, And in the evening do not withhold your hand;For you do not know which will prosper,  Either this or that, Or whether both alike will be good.” Elaine translation: Work hard from the time you get up, until the time you lie down to sleep, doing many things because you do not know which effort will be rewarded.”  It’s good to have many things going on, after all, one, if not all, of them is bound to do well and even if they do not, at least I won’t be bored.

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