The Right Tools

equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him

I’ve been building a closet in our bedroom.  I started about two or maybe three years ago; I lost track of time.  This project started well, but then I lost steam and ground to a halt. Last year, we had so many other expenses that it took a backseat.  Last week, I finally decided to revisit that project.  I hate leaving a project half-done.  I purchased a jigsaw to finish the project.  I could have used my hacksaw, but It would have made the job harder AND I can not cut a very straight line with a hacksaw.  One thing I’ve come to realize is that how well a job turns out, often depends on having the right tools for the job.  I can use a bread knife in place of a screwdriver, but a cordless screwdriver is much more enjoyable.  In our spiritual life, we need to have the right tools also.  God says that he provides us with the tools we need to live a life pleasing to God.  He does not expect us to limp along with only part of the tools we need for living.  No, he equips us with all the necessary tools.  Friends, when we have the right tools, the job is easy.  The wall was finished in about an hour, two at the most.  If I had used my hacksaw, it might have taken me three or four hours to finish the job.  The job would not have been as beautiful. If I had used a screwdriver to cut the board, I might still be working on the job.  Praise God he gives  us all the tools we need.  We just have to make use of the tools he gives us.  What if, I had let the Jigsaw set and started chiseling it with a hammer?  That would have been stupid, would it not?  I have a power saw why use something that will not do a good job?  God provides us with the exact tools we need, he expects us to use them and enjoy life.

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