Sit, Back, Relax, Just Chill

I woke this morning with a heavy heart.  I was concerned for my children even though they are adults.  I want to be sure my children walk with God.  So, I was praying and asking God for wisdom.  I was sitting in MY chair and listening to the Bible.  When God whispered, “Rest.  Just sit back and let ME care for them.” 

 Sometimes in the Bible, God had the people fight their battle.  At other times, God said, “This is not your battle, this is my battle.” 

Today God whispered, “Elaine, this is not your problem.”  I felt such peace knowing that my God, who loves me, also loves them.   He reminded me that while they were home, I tried to make sure they knew God.  Now, my job is to rest and trust God and them to live as God would want.  

That’s hard!  I like to see the evidence and my children tend to be private.  I only get snippets of conversation, and it’s like seeing one piece of a puzzle.  It may help, but you can’t base all your knowledge on that piece.

God gave me peace that my children were right where he wanted them.  He said, “Stop worrying and rest.  You have not labored in vain.” 

Perhaps today, you are struggling.  God wants you to Sit, Back, Relax, Just Chill.  God wants to fight your battle for you also.  He wants you to stand and watch him fight for you. 

Sometimes,  if you are like me, I am so tired I need God to fight for me because I feel so weak and helpless like I could not fight a mouse and win.  On those days, I praise God that he says he will fight for me because the enemy is too strong for me…… But he is not too strong for God.

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