Hands and Feet

I was sitting at home cuddled in my jammies for the night just relaxing with a cup of coffee; when I got a call from a friend asking for a ride to the gas station.   Did I mention it was late?  When she called, the last thing I wanted to do on the planet was leave the comforts of my house to drive to the gas station.  I was in my "jammies".  I was in for the night. I wanted to tell them that I could not take them to get gas.  Then I heard a small voice murmur in my ear, "Do you love me enough to take her to get gas?"  “Of course I love you,” I replied.  “Take her to the gas station,” said the still small voice.  So I got dressed and took my friend to get gas.  On the way to the station, we talked of many things, and I realized she was in need of more than gas.  She was emotionally tired and needed words of comfort and encouragement.  I am praising God that he had given me the privilege of being his hands and feet that night.  Over the years,  I have come to realize that, some situations only present themselves only once in a while.    I could have chosen to stay at home in my pj’s and been comfortable.  It was the easier path, OR I could choose to be God’s hands and feet that night.  I could get dressed and make a trip to the gas station. I chose to say I love you to God, by loving those he loves. It isn't always easy, but when you lay down at the end of the day knowing that you've helped someone.  You can feel God's smile reaching from the ends of the earth touching you. He needs hands and feet to show others his love.... yours/mine.  He can't love others without us.

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