It's Not Finished

 “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  

Ok, I have a confession!  I am addicted to craft and Do it yourself projects.  I love a first-rate “Do It Yourself project.”  I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I look at a finished project and say, “I did this.”  My problem is that I don’t have just ONE project going, no I have at least 10 in various stages of completion.  Most I do manage to finish but not all of them.  Occasionally, there have been some projects that, for whatever reason, never did get finished.  I've ended up putting the project in the closet because of the clutter.  I intend on working on it but, for whatever reason, it seems to get derailed.  I end up with a project sitting for years because I do not have the heart to give up, but I also do not have the ambition to finish the task.   As I look at those unfinished projects, I an immeasurably glad that God ALWAYS finishes what he starts.  That is where I place my confidence.   I rely on the fact that, unlike me, God NEVER leaves a project unfinished.  He always completes the work he starts.  He never get tired or decides that this project is too big.  He is patiently working on a work of art that he WILL complete.  You and I are a work of art, a masterpiece, in the hand of the one who is God in the beginning and will be God in the end.    So as I work on some of those unfinished tasks I’ll remember that a have a God, who always finishes what he starts, and he’s making me/you into something amazing.   I will rejoice that I am becoming more like Christ, but some days, most days the flaws still show.  My heart sings to know that God also looks with pride at the work he creates in us.  I imagine he stands back  looks and says, "It is very good."  If today you've fallen and you feel like you will never be the "amazing thing" that God created take heart.  He's still working, and He WILL finish what he started.

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