Wasted, Wasted, Wasted

“Well, that was a waste of time!”  My husband said this to me just a few days ago.   I said it at work just a few weeks ago.  A coworker said it a few a while ago. We have probably all said this or at least felt this way once in a while.  Usually, it’s because we look at things in our life or something we’ve done or tried to accomplish that didn’t work out as we had hoped.   We end up feeling frustrated or irritated and let down.  We may feel that we have wasted our time.  We may feel like we are in a rut that we can not climb out of.  We can take heart that God does not waste anything.   Even the things that we feel are a waste of OUR time are not a waste of HIS time   That is good news!  Those things are never wasted that we trust to God’s care.  Isn’t it awesome to realize that we will never hear God say,  “That was a waste of my time” or “I can’t waste my time with that person!”  So whether it’s schooling, work or a relationship we can be sure that it is never squandered in God’s eyes.   God let Joseph spend years in Egypt preparing him for the job of saving his family, was that time fruitless?  Of course not!  In our life, nothing is wasted or useless either.  Let me say this again, God NEVER wastes anything.  No one or nothing is ever unproductive to God.  While we may feel like somethings are a waste of time, God never will.   God has a plan for my/ your life that we may not completely understand this side of heaven.   We can always trust God that he is not wasting  any part of our life either.

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