I Give Up ...

This year more than other years,  I've been hearing and reading about people who are "giving things up" for Lent.  Most of the people that I have heard of are giving up stuff like Facebook, chocolate, movies.  I think I should give up work. Hahahaha ok not really.  I applaud these people. Lent is a time when we are supposed to be preparing for Easter and if "fasting" from something helps you in that endeavor then more power to you.  I would, however, like to suggest that we look at our motives.  I am not writing this to say that these people are wrong in their "fasts".  I have no idea of their motives; that's between them and God and not my business.  I WOULD like to suggest that we test our motives.  Are we giving something up so that we can have more time with God? or just more time, in general?  I  want to urge you/ myself to be sure that if we're hoping to "free up time"  to put the extra time to good use.  Don't give up one "time consumer" for another.  I have read about one concept that I think is great.  The more I have thought about it, the better it seems.  It is called a "reverse Lent".  Instead of fasting or giving something up, add something to your schedule. You might add: writing a note of encouragement to someone, helping a neighbor, spending extra time with God,  and the list goes on.  As I said before, I am not writing to condemn anyone.  If you feel the need to give up something great.  If you're not convicted in this area, that's fine too.  I personally have mixed feelings about it.  I may give up social media for a few weeks or maybe television.  I haven't decided for sure. In the past, when I have given up something for Lent or even just as a fast.  I end up just wasting the extra time or replacing the free time with work, and I'm not entirely sure that is pleasing to God. This time, I want to be sure I'm doing it because I feel that God wants me to give something up.  If I do give something up, I will likely add one of these ideas that I suggested; replacing what I gave up.  

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