How To Fix A Problem

Therefore, no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of our sin.

I was making croissants and putting them in containers so they can be sold (It’s part of my job). When one of my coworkers came by, watched me a while and said, “you’re putting them in the container wrong.”  Then she proceeded to show me how it was supposed to go.  There was a poster,  on the wall demonstrating how it should look.  Yet I had been oblivious to it.  We laughed and as I finished the sandwiches, I inevitably had to change the croissants each time I put it in the container wrong.  I was used to doing it wrong, and even though it really didn’t matter, once I knew it was wrong, I absolutely HAD to change it.  There is something in me that cringes at the thought of doing my work wrong.  I have to admit I was content doing it MY way until I knew it was wrong.  Once I knew there was  the right way, I HAD to fix the problem. Yet, we have the same problem as people (the human race).   In the Old Testament, God gave us Ten Commandments.  They could NEVER save us.  The only thing the law could do is make us aware of the sin in our life just like my friend made me aware that I was not boxing my sandwiches correctly.  Paul in Romans said that Jesus did what the law cold not do.  Jesus made a way to God when all the law could do was point out our failure.  Jesus said I know you can’t keep the law, so let me help.  I for one am forever grateful that Jesus came to fix my sin problem.  I cold repair my sandwich problem, but I am helpless to fix my sin problem.  Perhaps as you read this, you are struggling with a sin problem.  Take heart my friend, God came to take your sin problem too if you will let him.  He is the only one that can fix your problem. There is no other way to repair it.

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