Open Doors

See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.  Revelation 3:7 

Doors, we use them every day.  They are in our houses, and they are on any building that we hope to enter or exit.  From the time we, are six or seven, we have strength enough to open even the heaviest of doors.  This summer my sweetheart and I went to visit some lighthouses.  I was hoping to get to go inside at least one of the lighthouses.  There were three towers and yet every one of them was closed.  The doors were locked.  I could not get inside, no matter how badly I wanted to.  I could kick bang push and possibly open the door, but it would not be easy.  As I read this, God says, “I have placed before you open doors that no one can shut.”  Wow!!  Just imagine that God has opened doors, that absolutely no one can shut it.  I love it  He is telling a church or people, whichever you prefer, “I know you are feeble, and you have almost no strength.  Don’t worry about opening the doors, I will take care of opening AND shutting the doors.”  What a way to empower a church or a person than to say, “I’m going to open and close the doors.”  In my life, many times, I’ve struggled with doors because I was trying to open a door that God had not opened. I wanted my life to go one direction, but the door was closed. I could bang, push, pound and try to bust the door down but, for what purpose? I would be doing something God did not want to be done.  Friends, If God opens the door in an area, then the only issue will be whether we choose to go through an open door.  It’s one way we can be sure we ARE doing what God wants.  If doors open, that man did not open then we know God has opened that door.  When you know that God has opened a door, there is nothing that can stop you and no reason to feel defeated.  We can keep going when it’s hard because we know that we are doing what God wants.  We know that if God opened the doors, so God is responsible for the results.  That means we can rest in the knowledge that it is God who goes before us opening the doors before us.

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