Praise Him!

As I was reading my Bible this morning, was astounded by what I read.  I have been reading in 1 Chronicles.  Today I read about Jehosaphat.  He was one of the good Kings in Judah.  He had three kingdoms coming to fight against him.  It was described as a multitude (that's a lot).  First, I have to say I love his response.  The first thing, he did, was to head straight for God.  It was not the very last thing he did AFTER he had done everything else.  No, it was his first action; run to God.  Often we, or at least I fail right here.  I somehow think that I can "fix" things on my own, so God becomes the last resort not a first response.  God responded by telling Jehosaphat that  he was going to take care of it.  God says, "Don't worry 'Jeho', I got your back."  It is great to know that when we are up against a wall, God has our back.  When our ways please him, he fights for us.  What comfort and joy that is!  The thing, that stood out as I read this story, was Jehosaphat's response to God.  Before they went out to battle, while they were still in the presence of God, he praised God.  That's right!  He praised God before he knew the outcome.  I love, Love, LOVE this.  It made me wonder how often I praise God while I'm still waiting for healing, or for the job that I need, Or my finances to turn around, or a relationship to be reconciled.  Jehosaphat praised God when all, he had, was God's word.  Friends, God's word was enough to cause Jehosaphat to praise God.  He praised God because he said he would, not because he had.  That's my desire, to so trust God that if God says it I can praise God for an answer before I see it.

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