Have a Unique Little Christmas

I look around me and I see uniqueness in everything in heaven on earth and in the sea below is unique on some level.  I love the fact that when God created the world He didn’t use cookie cutters and make everything and everyone the same.  We can celebrate our uniqueness and praise God for the differences displayed in each of us.  At Christmas, many of us recall another Christmas that was “perfect” and we try to recreate that time; or we look at what others call a “perfect” Christmas whether it’s baking cookies, or shopping, the tree, carols and we try to make our Christmas a carbon copy of their Christmas.  How silly is that?  We feel that if we can’t spend money on gifts that Christmas is ruined; or if we have a fake tree or no tree at all that we can’t celebrate Christmas.  A friend said, “Nowhere in the scriptures does it say, ‘thou shalt decorate the Christmas cookies.’” I love it!!  

This year, let’s allow Christmas to be less than perfect.  Let’s celebrate the uniqueness of this Christmas.  Christmas doesn’t have to be an exact copy of a previous Christmas or, heaven forbid, someone else’ ideal Christmas.  Some years, you may do “tons” of shopping; maybe the next year, you will be on a decorating spree.  Each Christmas can be as unique as the rest of creation and it can bring a sense of joy, if we allow it. 

As we think about that first Christmas gift let’s remember, there were no cookies, tinsel, garland, lights.  In fact there wasn’t even a tree at all.  There was only one gift, not hundreds. It was a night very similar to any other night.  But… this night was unique God wrapped a gift and sent him to earth. That one simple, amazing gift has the power to offer hope to the hopeless; joy to the sorrowful; and strength to the weak. 

This year, let’s throw off the bonds of stress that comes from trying to create a perfect Christmas.   Let’s allow this Christmas to be distinctive.  Let’s remember that all of the “trappings” that come with the season cannot compare to the simplicity of the first Christmas when the most extravagant gift was given.

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