Trust Falls

In Acts 9 we read about the conversion of Saul.   The same person who was persecuting the church came face to face with God and everything changed.   God gave Ananias the impossible assignment of going to Saul and praying for him.  His prayer would restore Saul’s sight.  Ananias had no idea what to expect.  Saul had a reputation as a persecutor of Christians.  He knew that it was entirely possible that Saul would kill him once his sight was restored.  It was likely that Ananias had some serious concerns about going into the “lion’s den”.  Undoubtedly, it took an amazing amount of trust to follow Gods instructions.   It was one amazing “trust fall” into the arms of God.  He had to believe that God knew what he was doing even though he could not understand the plan.  We can look back and see the whole plan but Ananias had no such luxury.  He had to believe that God had spoken and that God makes no mistakes.   As a Christian I wonder how many times we are given assignments by God that we have failed to follow through” with because it seems a little uncomfortable to us.  We say, “I can’t do that, someone may laugh at me.” God wants us to act like Ananias.  His desire is for us to trust him when he gives instruction.  He longs for us to do one incredible “trust fall” into his arms.  He’ll always be there to catch you and protect you…. Always.

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