Jesus, What A Simple Message

The disciples message was simple, Jesus; that’s it, only Jesus.  They had no great theological reasoning.  Instead, they preached Jesus.  The very same Jesus they crucified and buried, rose again was indeed the God of the universe.  Wow!  What an amazing thought.  God used a bunch of unlearned “common” people with the simplest of messages to change the culture and turn the world upside down; the message of Jesus.  They could have spoken brilliant theological arguments but instead they spoke of Jesus. The simple message “that Jesus is the Christ” on their lips powered by the Holy Spirit changed the world.  Today the truth remains God still only needs ordinary men with the simple message of Jesus to change the world.  We don’t need to wait until we have more knowledge God can use us right where we are.  When we are faithful to speak the simple message of Jesus the Holy Spirit take over and people come to Christ.  The beautiful part is that because it’s such a simple message anyone can tell it.   It does not matter our age or how much we know.  Jesus, what a beautiful, simple message

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