Black Friday or Thanksgiving

Today, I had a Thanksgiving meal with the family then hurried home so I could be at work at 5:00.   So I could make sure that people got their "Black Friday" sales.  More and more it seems as though Thanksgiving and Black Friday seem to run together.  People barely have time to have a  Thanksgiving dinner before they hurry off to the department stores for the "Black Friday" deals. As Thanksgiving and Black Friday run together, I would like you to think of what really matters, and the legacy you leave.  Will they remember the times sitting and chatting, playing games, laughter, and having fun on the holidays or will they remember that you hurried Through a dinner so you could get to the mall and push and shove to get the new I-phone, laptop or whatever was on sale that you simply felt you had to have.  Don't misunderstand me I do love a deal, but not at the cost of my family.  I seriously doubt that anyone will remember or care about that "big ticket" item that you simply had to have but they will always remember the time you spent WITH them.  Consider what's really important and don't trade the temporary for the eternal. Anything you buy will eventually break but the love you show, the time you give, they can not wear out OR break.  I'm not suggesting that we go out and protest Black Friday, I am suggesting that we keep it in perspective because "where your heart is, there your treasure is also."

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