Our God Is Greater…..

“Can't even enjoy life right now Cuz I'm so scared of the future of this country and the world my kids are going to grow up in.”  This is a post I read the other day from a friend.  How about this one, “Struggling with some anger and fear over the many situations in our world that are way out of my control. I'm fighting the urge to share my lovely opinions and to vent my frustrations. But a far better thing to do is for me to get on my knees and simply ask our Lord, our Creator and Savior for help. He is loving and merciful and desires that people turn to him, so that is what I'm praying comes out of all of this mess.”    As I was talking with my daughter the other day, she said almost the same thing. I have a feeling if I polled people many of you about the condition of the world, the feelings would be the same.  Religious persecution is rampant; there have been outbreaks of diseases that they do not know how to cure; the economy is failing; very little, if anything, seems wrong.  To be honest, this world is scary and as I look at this world, my heart sinks too.  It’s easy in the midst of all the turmoil to want to throw our hands up and wonder if there is any hope; or turn off the news put our hands over our ears scream lalalalalalala and hope that if we ignore it, the problem will go away.   Since neither of those solutions are really great options and they will not help.  I want to remind you that God is greater than this world and the mess that it’s in.  There is nothing in this world that surprises God and nothing too hard for him to handle.  As a Christian, there is no need for us to wring our hands in despair.  Yes this world is messed up, it’s been messed up for about 6,000 years, give or take a few years.   Yes, Christ’s return may be soon.  It’s nearer than it was yesterday and definitely nearer than it was 2,000 years ago.  Yes, it will probably get worse. Be that as it may, we still have no need to fear, death has no sting.  Let me repeat that, DEATH HAS NO STING.  Because of Christ’s death on the cross, death itself has no power over us.  If death is the worst case scenario and it has no claim on us then why are we worried?  If we are walking with God, nothing in this world should make us tremble.  God loves us and we are held in his hand and nothing can touch us there. We can trust him even in the chaos of the world today.  Friends, whatever has you feeling discouraged right now  be assured that "Our God is greater than…….".

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