Jesus In Disguise

It had been a looooong day at work and I was tired.  So while the rest of the family got ready and went to a meeting at church, I decided to stay behind and take a breather, to have a little “me” time.   Shortly after they left, my daughter called.  Since I had been debating the idea of going for a walk, I decided I should go for a walk while I talked.  I have managed the art of chewing gum and walking and talking.  I know impressive to say the least.  It was warm when I left so I only had my T shirt on.  In my finite wisdom, I forgot about how quickly it gets cold once the sun sets.  As I walked and talked enjoying a visit with my daughter, I suddenly realized I was starting to get cold and wished that I had thought to bring a jacket or hoodie with me.  Since being cold wasn’t on the radar when I left, I was stuck out in the cold with no outerwear.  It was about this time that a car came driving down the berm of the road right in front of me forcing me to stop and sending my heart into overdrive.  My first thought was this is the end.  They are going to force me into their car.  I know, I watched forensic files, it always happens that way.  Then I thought, no wait, not today!  I have a cell phone and my daughter is on the other end.  That meant that no matter what they would be caught.  Cell phone records always trip people up.  I found that out from forensic files too.   As the Car loomed closer, suddenly a hand holding a hoodie appeared from the window. Cautiously I peered in the window to discover that the driver was a lady from our church.    Slowly, my heart rate returned to normal as I realized I was not going to die and she was giving me her hoodie so I would not be cold.  I gladly accepted her offering and as I walked on I thought about how Jesus tells us that in as much as we have fed the hungry, clothed the naked, visited those in prison, visited the sick we have done it to him.  I walked on feeling blessed in knowing a fellow Christian cared enough to give me something that she may very well have needed.  I have hoodies and jackets at home, but she saw that I needed one and had none with me.   That was Jesus in disguise.  She was doing what Jesus would do for me.  Jesus through her provided for a need that I had carelessly neglected.  God blessed me through this lady.  I also realized how blessed I am to have generous friends.   How often we miss the chance to bless others and God just because we do not see the need?  The world is full of people with needs much greater than something to keep them warm.  We just need to look with Jesus eyes and see the needs. I am sooo glad this lady saw my need and I am glad she had no intention of bumping me off.  Praise God!!!

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