A Happy Dance!

Often in our lives, we only focus on the negative things that happen.  We have too month left at the end of our money, or we or a loved one gets sick and we start to get stressed.  I know my friends that there are mega tons of misery in this world which is why I felt the need today to remind you, and myself, that God is in control.  There are good things that happen each day.  Sometimes we just need to focus on the good things that God does not the bad things that happen.  This morning as I started to worry about the cares of this life, how to pay bills specifically, God reminded me that he had the problem in this hands.  We went to pay the water bill, and were informed that there was a credit.   WOW!! I was flabbergasted but I was also ecstatic.  Since there was a credit (I have learned not to question the how of these things) our bill was much less than expected.  YIPEE!!!!  And Praise God!!   Next came the oil change on the car.  Another necessary expense to extend the life of the car so that it outlasts the payments we make on it.  As we went in, I gave her a coupon and asked how much and she quoted a price about half of what I expected.   By now, I’m ready to do a happy dance around the garage.  My soul was Praising God for seeing to those needs.  After lunch, I was thinking about supper and decided to have leftover ravioli with homemade spaghetti sauce in hopes of saving some pennies.  As I opened the freezer to get out sauce and the rest of the ravioli I noticed a package of ribs that had gone unnoticed until now.   JACKPOT!!!  Now, I WAS elated and my feet were dancing around the kitchen.  There would be ribs to go with the ravioli, this was one happy lady.  I know it doesn’t always work out like this.  Good AND bad things happen.  I’ve weathered both and if none of these things had happened, I would still thank God with a happy dance because He has blessed me beyond measure already. Today choose to focus, if you can, on the blessings a cheerful is a good things and when good things happen Praise God and thank him with a happy dance.  Chances are God has blessed you too, my friend.

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