Why Study Acts?

As we look at the book of Acts, perhaps the first question we need to ask is why is Acts even in the Bible and why is it important to know the book of Acts? Why we can't be sure why Luke wrote the book of Acts what we do know is that he wrote the book of Acts to tell about what happened after Jesus went back to heaven.  Perhaps he wanted his friend to be sure that Jesus really existed and that the power that Jesus had when he was on earth was alive in his followers.  He wanted his friend to know that when Jesus went back to heaven, that was not the end; it was only the beginning and greater things were yet to come.  As we read Acts, we can be sure that God was still working in and through those who were committed to following him.  We will see God actively working to bring to himself those who will believe. We see that God can take a handful of people and turn the world upside down.  He didn't need an army.  He only needed a few willing obedient men and women to make a change in the world.  What was true then is still true today God can make catastrophic changes in the world through me and you if we will be obedient and willing to let him. The book of Acts is really only the beginning of what Christ began to do, the story is still going on today in you and me.

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