To Wait Or Not To Wait.... II

I am giving one young man's response to the same article that I just discussed.  I believe what he has to say is right on target and it is a refreshing answer,

So recently I saw this posted by a friend... I'd like to take a few things and just drop a huge bomb shell on them. Firstly; just because one little girl made her identity "sexually abstinent" doesn't mean that sexual immorality is an option Christians have.

Secondly, it's not anyone's duty to make anyone else happy or, for that matter, sexually pleased. This girl was super legal, and now thinks that because no one worshiped her for it that somehow she's entitled to say it didn't work.

Nobody promises a choir of angels or lights from heaven on your wedding night. 99.999% of anybody should know your wedding night will be as amazing as you are willing to make it. 

In the end you cannot control anyone but yourself and as was explained all throughout high school by Mrs. H., you are responsible for your own spiritual life and no one else's (ALSO you're not responsible for other people's happiness).

B Whang.

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