Speak Christ In Your Actions

Every day the situations we are put in define what we really believe.  Sometimes how I respond to the irritations that life throws at me, sometimes daily, is critical.   I work in food service.  I love it.  It puts me in a position to see a variety of different in a day. One thing I especially love is watching their reactions and responses to little things. I have seen people upset because there was .01 more than they asked for. I have seen little children holding out their hands for popcorn chicken as their parent walks by.  I have been yelled at and made to feel less than human because an order was missed.  I have also watched a nicely dressed lady show a ton of class when soda shot all over her.  She just laughed and declared, “Guess I need a shower now.”  She could have been angry and upset but instead she chose to laugh and “let it go, let it go” as the song says. Most of the time it serves a great reminder for me to watch my attitude and extend grace and mercy.  I mean seriously, is it worth being upset over .01 of a pound extra meat?  The fact is that most of the things that I let bother me are things that have no real lasting effect on me others or the world.  If I’m going to be angry and irritated about something, I want it to be something that really matters.  I want people to be happy to see me, not happy to see me leave.  I pray that when people see me they would be drawn to Christ because of how they see me respond to the little irritations that life throws as me from time to time.  I want to lighten up and show the grace and mercy that God has shown me.  After all, isn't it our job, as Christians to respond to life in such a way that other want to know how we can respond in the way we do?  How do I know that my response to life situations is the catalyst that will draw others to Christ?

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