It's in the Past

It’s in the past!   What wonderful knowledge!  I rejoice in the knowledge that God is not concerned about what we did in the past.  Isn’t that amazing!  When we come to him, the past is, well, past.   God does not care about it or hold it against us.  If God is not concerned with the past, then a person’s past should not concern us either as long as it is the past.  Our past does not need to define who we are now and we should not define others by what they were in the past.  Sometimes we all need to remember that none of us is without sin, we all have a past.  It’s easy to forget when others and even Satan can remind of our or other’s past that we need to let that past be the past.  How freeing and empowering to know that God is more concerned with the present than he is with the past.  Anything good, or bad that you’ve done in the past is just that the past.  God says, “I’m concerned with where you are now and where you are going.”  As I go through life, I want to remember that God knows our past and makes the choice not to hold our past against us and we can make the choice to be just as forgiving with others.    We can choose not to let ones past change how we see them now.  So, when someone approaches me and says, "Do you know what that person did five years ago?"  I say, "No, and it doesn't concern me.  What's important is who they are now." Let’s live in the present not hampered by, or resting on what we’ve done in the past.  Let’s look at who we are now as Christians and praise God.

Oh Lord,
As I walk through this life
Remind me that each of us
Without exception have a past.
May I not let the past define me
Though it may refine me.
May it not change how I view those around me
May you remind me that their past
May be refining and defining them too.

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