Faith - Belief In Action

I was taking my aunt to see my mom in the hospital.   As I drove, our conversation turned to spiritual things.  As we talked she said, “How can I know I’m going to heaven?”  Wow!!!  Talk about an open door! This opportunity does not happen every day.  I began to explain that the only thing we need to do is believe and trust God.   Then it happened.  She said, “Well, I already believe in God."   I thought this is going to be easy.  Nope!   I asked, “Well, do you trust God?   Will you let him direct your life?  Suddenly she had a billion excuses for why that was impossible.  I would love to tell you she committed her life to Christ that day, but she didn’t.  Yes, I was sad and disappointed that I could not make her understand that believing IN God was not enough.  Since then I have heard many others say I believe in God yet, sadly, their life tells another story.  As I read James, I come to a verse that always serves to remind me of what I believe.  James says, “You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!”  Yipes!!!  Think about that for a second.  The demons believe IN God, yet I am sure God does not choose them nor do they have anything to do with God.  Belief that is not acted on is dead and useless.  It would be like believing in electricity, but not having it in your house.  Friend, God wants us to put our faith into action.  To trust him to lead us where we could never dream of going, and do what we could never dream of doing without him.  How can you put your faith into action today?

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