I dropped Ryan and Abigail off at a camp for a week.  When we got out of the car at the camp, we had only walked a few feet when Abby stopped mid-stride.  I looked and there was a bird standing on the ground less than three feet away and it was scolding and yelling at her.  We did the normal thing in that situation; we grabbed our camera and started taking pictures.  Isn’t that what you do? Ok maybe not, but we knew this was a once in a lifetime shot.  My daughter kept watching it and finally said, “I think it has a broken wing." Later, I was talking with some workers and they said this bird is called a killdeer.  It acts this way to protect its eggs.  It will attack or draw you away from its nest by pretending to be hurt.  As I watched it, I thought WOW!  I wonder if this is how God guards us!  As much as that killdeer loved and protected those eggs, God loves and protects us more.  He loves us and puts himself between us any what would harm us.  We don’t need to fear anything if the God of the universe is protecting us.  We can be assured that nothing can get past him to harm us!  How Great is the Father’s love toward us that he should guard us and protect us.  Yes, even nature sings of the Father’s love.  We can rest secure in the fathers love and care for us.  If birds know how to protect their young, will God, not guard and protect you more?

can you spot the killdeer egg?

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