I'm Just A...

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,

I was watching a TV show called “Undercover Boss” the other day.  The episode I watched was about sanitation workers.  As I was watching, one person stood out.  His job was to clean port-a-potties.  As they were working, he kept saying I’m not just a sanitation worker, I am the best sanitation worker.  I couldn’t help but smile as I watched him.  His attitude was contagious.  I thought, "man! that guy is having too much fun cleaning poop".  At the place I work, we had a door greeter who had this same perspective. He always had carts ready for people; if it was raining or snowing, he had the carts dry; He always had a cheery hello kiddo for everyone he met.  What set both of these people apart from most other people is that though their jobs were not enviable, and they could have looked at their jobs as unimportant and even undesirable.  Yet they both did their work with a positive attitude and with excellence.  Friends, God wants to have this attitude with the things we do.  He wants us to be the best at whatever work we are doing.  He wants us to do our Job the best that we can. I don’t think it pleases God when we say I’m just a …. You can fill in the blank.  God shows no partiality.  No matter what work God has placed you in, do it as if God is the one for whom you are working. In reality, he is our boss.  So if you are a door greeter, be the best one.  In addition, if you’re a CEO, be the best CEO that you can be knowing that we all great or small will answer to God.  Let’s not look down on a position as unimportant.  You’re not just a…. you are the best…  How we do our Job is our choice, and the attitude we have about our job is our choice.  Be faithful no matter what Job God has given you.

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