The I In the Middle

Do you ever have times when you feel like God is working on a particular area in your life?  Occasionally, I have those days or weeks when you see God repeating the same lesson. I just had one of those times recently. I was asked to take hours in another department.  As we were in the process of putting it in the computer, I discovered that I already had a full day in my own department that day.  The manager asked, “Are you sure you want to do the extra shift?” “It will be fine," I said all the while I was thinking to myself I really do not want to do that.  I made all sorts of excuses for why I was not honest enough to say what I thought. I do not want to let them down; I have already promised them I would work; I need the extra money.  However, the ugly truth was that I was proud. I wanted to “save face."  As I was getting ready for work, I was reminded of how much harder my day was going to be because of my own stubbornness and pride.  Pride always has a way of making things harder.  Then I thought of other times when I let The I in pride keep me either from apologizing when I should have apologized or forgiving right away.  I did not want to humble myself and admit that I was wrong.   It always caused more problems and never solved any problems.   Imagine the relationships with others that might be salvaged if we put our pride aside.  The I in pride is also, what keeps us from God.  We are too proud to admit we need God and that his way is better than our way.   People, do not listen to the I of pride.  The way will always be harder than you thought. Yet, humbling one’s self when necessary though it seems hard often proves to be an easier path in the end.  There is always an I in the middle of pride.

Lay Down My Pide

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