Extreme Hide and Seek

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

I have a horrible habit of losing and or misplacing things. I pick something up and set it down in another place often without realizing that I am doing it, or better yet put it in a safe place so I’ll find it again only to forget the “safe place."  It was safe all right, so safe that I can no longer find it. Sometimes, I will tear the house apart looking for a lost item and other times I will search for a bit, but give up and move on.  Once, I lost my car keys and I searched under cushions, on the bed, and pockets of coats; I looked and scoured the whole house looking for those keys.   I was desperate to find the keys. Sometimes, I lose something as simple as a pen.  I rarely even bother to look for it.  I have other pens so I will get another, it’s not too important to me to find a pen.  We all tend to seek only the things that are important to us.  I thought of the Bible verses that encourage us to seek God, I wondered how earnestly, and thoroughly I seek God.  Do I seek for him the way I search for my keys everywhere and anywhere? Or like a pen? I may look a little but I won’t go out of my way to get the pen back.  Are we so desperate for God that nothing else matters if we don’t have God?  That’s how I want to live my life.  I want to live a life desperate to be close to God.  I want to seek God in every situation, do you? God says that those that earnestly search for him will find him. I love that and the best part, he’s not playing a game of “hide and seek”, he wants us to find him.  In fact, he's searching for you too.  He's the good shepherd that went in search of one sheep.  One sheep that he could have been content to let go.  He had 99 out 100.  But his love for one made him search for that last one.  He wants you to find him.

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