Expect the Impossible

I love that as I read the account of the Triumphal entry into Jerusalem, two different accounts tell about Jesus cursing a fig tree so that it withers. I have often wondered what the significance of this event was. Why did Jesus even take the time to curse the fig tree? Since I believe that nothing is in the scriptures by accident, and Jesus was intentional. Jesus had a reason for everything he did. Then, what did Jesus want his disciples to learn?  Well, I believe that Jesus, knowing that he was going to leave them, wanted them to know how powerful just a little faith could be. Maybe he wanted them to see firsthand what faith could do.  He knew that they would need to rely on faith once he was gone and he wanted to give them a picture of what faith could do.  He knew that they would face many obstacles and he wanted them to be strong and set their sights high on the impossible.  Maybe, looking down though the ages he knew that we would need a picture of what we are capable of if we have just a little faith.  It’s easy for me to get into the habit of thinking only of what is humanly possible. Sometimes, I need the reminder to see the impossible as possible with God.  Jesus looking at the cross ahead of him was saying to his disciples and to us don’t doubt; have faith; dream big even if it looks impossible.  He wants us to have the faith to believe that if he gives us something to do that looks huge, we only have to trust him and let the fig tree wither or the mountain move.  You and I need to know that if with Jesus we can alter the physical realm that we can see, thten we can also alter the spiritual realm that we can’t see

This is Only a Mountain

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