The Perfect Trap

Who among us has not thought, at one time or another, “If only I could find “the perfect” job”.  “If I could meet just the perfect man or woman …..”  “If only my family were perfect …..”  In Christian circles, we say, “If I could find the perfect church….”   Everyone seems to be looking for perfection.  After all, God created us for a perfect world.  The danger is in forgetting that perfection cannot exist in a fallen, broken and sin polluted world.  Although we dream of perfection, we have to hold on to the fact that others are not perfect.  Therefore, as much as I may want a perfect job, as long as it is in this world, there will be some deficiency. The same goes for a spouse, or church, or even family.  As long as people are involved, we cannot expect perfection because people are imperfect and sinful.  What this means, for me, is that I will cut others some slack and stop demanding from others, perfection that does not exist.  I will work on the areas where I fall short, and I will trust God to help me be perfect as he is perfect.  Then, and only then, perhaps others will see a perfect God who loves us despite our imperfections.  One other thing, I will also remember that someday I will be perfect, and I will see others perfectly, and I will live in perfection, heaven.

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