The Movie "Noah"

Yesterday, I posted something on social media about a new movie called “Noah”.  Since then, it has come to my attention that the post offended some people.  I want everyone to know that my intention was not to be divisive or argumentative.  My goal was to answer the question of the biblical accuracy of the movie.  When I saw the post from Ken Ham, I felt comfortable reposting what he said since he has always strived for biblical accuracy in his work and he was discussing the movie from the standpoint of biblical correctness.  I felt and still do that the movie is not biblically accurate if that is offensive, I am genuinely sorry but I cannot change that, facts are facts. It is also interesting that the director of the movie said himself that it was the least biblically correct movie.  I said nothing that those who made the film did not say. I do agree that we can use the movie to produce creative debates with those who have questions.  All we have to do is look at the life of Jesus, to see that we can use that anything as a platform for discussion.  If your desire is to use it as a platform for biblical discussion, that is admirable but it is not necessary to defend the film or try to change the facts because of your desire to be able to discuss the movie.  Why not instead take them back to the biblical account of Noah and the flood.  As I stated before my goal was to answer the question of Biblical validity for those of my friends that had asked my opinion, not to accuse or condemn anyone who went to see the movie, if you want to see the movie that is not my concern.  It is indeed a matter of conscience between you and God not me.  I have had plenty of opportunities for discussion about the movie without going to see it and since I have a very limited budget, I probably will not see this movie right away.  If I do, I will do it with the knowledge that it is not a “Christian” movie and I will treat it as such.

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