Just Keep Trusting

What a roller coaster ride the last twenty-four hours has been! I found out yesterday that my son-in-law is going to join the navy.  When I found out, my heart sank.  They have only been married a short time, and now they are going to be making more adjustments.  I  immediately started praying thinking  "nothing good can come from this".  I tossed and turned all night.  My peace was gone.  I had let Satan steal my peace.  This morning, the anxiety was still there. I know because there was a knot in my stomach and my deep breathing techniques from Lamaze kicked in.  Today at work, I was talking with a friend about the situation, and as I was talking to her; God used my own words to restore my peace.  I was reminded that my older daughter and her husband started out in a their married life, in the military, and they weathered it just fine.  Sometimes just a little talking it out can shed new light on the situation. We ended our conversation with " perhaps it'll be good for them"  and God may have some things for them to learn".    Then I started thinking.  Perhaps they are not the only ones that God wants to grow.  I realized that I need to let God be big enough to take care of them. See, I am thinking only of the negative aspects of his enlisting.  Maybe, he is right where he is supposed to be.  I also realized that I am also fearful that somehow as a parent I have failed to teach my daughter the value of commitment.  Yet as I look back over the years, I know that I have done all that I could to teach her those values, and I believe I have done a good job.  So the only thing left is to let them soar.  If I've done my job well, She and her husband will catch the" wind of the Holy Spirit" and do even greater things. Perhaps I need to learn more than they do I need to learn to trust my children to do what is right and God to keep them when I cannot.  God is big enough to walk with them through a stint in the military.   Just keep trusting, just keep trusting, trusting, trusting

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