Peace: Reflection

This year, I have had to adjust my own expectations for Christmas.  Our youngest daughter is getting married. So, while others are thinking Christmas decorations; I'm trying to help a daughter with wedding decorations, long distance.  This Christmas has been anything but typical.  While we put the tree up as usual, I have found myself enjoying the carols more this year.  Because of the finances involved in  paying for a wedding, we have had to scale back what we are buying for Christmas.  Since I have not had a lot of time, I have not made Christmas cards, which I love.  At first, I was feeling down because it didn't "feel" like Christmas.  So God reminded me that Christmas was really about a baby in a manger; not about gifts under a tree.  Christmas this year has been a reminder for me to focus on Jesus and not on the things that we usually zoom in on at Christmas.  Yes, God has given peace even in the knowledge that this will be the first year without our youngest daughter "home" for Christmas; peace that whatever presents we receive will be enough and peace that Christmas will be great even IF I don't get the cards done.

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