Just Ask

Have you ever had someone ask you for something?  What was your reaction?  Sometimes, I hate to admit it, but I get slightly annoyed.  About a week ago, I had someone ask to help provide a dinner.  My first thought?  Really?  So I did the Christian thing.  I said I’ll have to “pray” about it. I did, and God said, “Help her”!   As I was fixing the meal, my attitude was still not very good.  That was when God started meddling.  He said, “Sharon, think of my life”.  I did and then he asked, “When did I ever do anything for someone that they did not ask me to do”.  OUCH!  I have to admit it, but as I thought about that, I began to realize that I was the one with the problem, not her.  Jesus, aside from his work on the cross, did not do any act of healing or other miracle without someone asking.  In fact, Jesus tells us to ask.  Strike that!  He commands us to ask, and he wants us to ask.  If he expects us to ask him for things, we should not be offended when others ask us for things either.  To be honest, I am horribly unobservant so I might not see the need. I may need someone to point out the need.  I also realized by my being offended; I was in reality being prideful. I had the time and I had the ability. I didn't WANT to serve this person.  God showed me that I needed to confess that sin; and be obedient to him.  Thanks God; for the attitude adjustment!

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